NERIL has completed projects in varied conditions  and landscapes; from the forests of the Himalayas to the depths of the Indian Ocean, and in India’s most famous rivers, including the Ganga, Yamuna, Sutlej, Beas, Godavari, Krishna, Narmada and Tapi.  
Yamuna Rajasthan Link Canal

Completed: December 2007

Yamuna - Rajasthan Link Canal

Yamuna-Rajasthan link (698 km long) is an extension of proposed Sarda-Yamuna link canal beyond Yamuna to provide irrigation to drought prone areas of Haryana and Rajasthan. the schedule for construction of this link project is planned over a period of 10 years. The work done by NERIL involves socioeconomic studies, ecological and environmental impact assessment studies.

gargai project.001.jpeg


Gargai Dam: Water Supply Project for Mumbai City

The Gargai River originates in the hill ranges of Sahyadri at an altitude of around 612M. the current project was sanction so as satisfy water supply needs of Mumbai. For this a dam is to be constructed over the river Gargai. NERIL has performed various work pertaining to this including Environmental Impact assessment, Enumeration of trees, Resettlement and Rehabilitation plan, Catchment area treatment plan, etc. the main objective was to maintain the ecological balance, be sensitive towards the needs of project affected persons thus giving special attention to protect their rights, minimize their losses, and to help them to restore a secure means of livelihood.



Integrated Tourism & Infrastructure Development Roadmap for Garhmukteshwar

Garhmukhteshwar is a revered pilgrim town, Situated on the banks of the holy river Ganga. the project involved Preparing Feasibility Study and Integrated Tourism & Infrastructure Development Roadmap for Garhmukteshwar. NERIL worked on making a destination for sustainable practices in recreational, pilgrimage and spiritual tourism. The work involved renewing and promoting the image of the town, connecting the town with national and regional tourist circuit, promote a self-sustainable model for local ecology, economy, community and Integrate technology.

Completed: November 2012

Restoration of Lakes and Rivers in Pune

In 2008, NERIL was appointed as a consultant to Pune Municipal Corporation, for working on the master plan for renewal and management sewrage and drainage disposal system. with an objective to prepare a plan for river management focusing on the improvement of water quality, rejuvenation of riverine habitats and providing space and streamlining the use of the river for the people, increasing the carrying capacity of the river, ecological restoration, physical and bio-remedial measures for treatment of the Nullahs discharging into the river. Similar projects were carried out for the Restoration of Pashan and Katraj Lakes in Pune. 



Restoration of Jamnagar Rivers

The project was  conceptualised as the transformation of Jamnagar as a unique city of water bodies of all types – rivers, lakes, estuary and sea which provides the widest range of habitat for marine and avian species. This resulted in increasing its tourism potential with a unique identity coupled with a cultural platform with recreational and entertainment facilities. The riverfront development was envisaged as a city’s identity on its waterfront. 


Completed: June 2018

Electrification of Elephanta Island

Elephanta Caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a collection of caves located on Elephanta Island, or Gharapuri in Mumbai harbour, 10 kilometres to the east of the city of Mumbai. The first ever under water electrification work for the Gharpuri Island (Elephanta Caves) was consulted by NERIL. the work involved CRZ clearance, environmental impact assessment, socioeconomic studies and technical design, development and consultation for the actual laying operation.

Completed: June 2012


SCIS and BCIS are GIS based applications developed for the comprehensive area treatment of the Satluj basin and the Beas basin. Integrating the CAT plans with GIS systems can provide users with relevant information in the shortest possible time. The systems are designed keeping in mind monitoring mechanisms and data updating facility to maintain records for future.

1996 - 2018

EIA and EMP for Lift irrigation projects

Environmental impact assessment studies were done for major lift irrigation schemes in Maharashtra which include ShirapurliftIrrigation Schemein Solapur, Varkhade-Londhe Barrage Medium  Irrigation Projecton  Girna River, Tal Chalisgaon, Jalgaon  Sangola Lift Irrigation Scheme, Solapur, Sulwade Lift IrrigationScheme, Bhagpur Lift Irrigation Scheme,Kurha Vadoda Sinchan Yojana, Junone Lift Irrigation Scheme-II, Shree Padmalay Lift Irrigation Scheme-II. Other clearances for irrigation projects include Gunjavani Irrigation Project, Nira Deoghar Irrigation Project, Bhama Askhed Irrigation Project, Chilhewadi Irrigation Project, Varangaon Lift Irrigation Scheme, Revised Waghur River Project.

List of NERIL Projects

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