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Plantations | Farm Houses | Forest Retreat


The Whiting WOODS are spread across an expanse of over 150 acres of lush green valley on the banks of the historic Lake Whiting (Bhatghar Reservoir). The project is located near the small hamlet of Velvand-Sangvi flanked by the cliffs of the Konkan-kada to the West, the lake to the East and North, and the wild forests of the Sahyadri mountains to the South. 


The property comprises of plantations, farm houses and a forest retreat. The plantations are cared for by team of professional qualified agronomists who will ensure optimal utilisation of land resources and provide our plantation owners an assured return that will escalate over time. The owners have the option to construct eco-friendly designer farm houses tailored to suit their specific tastes.


The WOODS are more than merely plantations alone. With a wide range of lifestyle amenities and activities to choose from, our plantation owners can experience a life of luxury and exclusivity that others can only dream of.

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