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NERIL has conducted EIA studies of infrastructure projects and water resources projects such as irrigation, hydroelectric and interlinking of rivers and has presented the client’s case before the Ministry of Environment and Forests. NERIL has completed 25 major River valley EIA projects, 6 inter linking of rivers alignments and rapid EIA studies. Field surveys & research was conducted in every case to establish the baseline status of existing environmental, social and biological condition.


NERIL has the ability to plan and execute Watershed Management plans and complete Comprehensive Catchment Area Treatment (CCAT) plans. CCATPs for over 20,000 Sq km of  the Sutlej basin in Himachal Pradesh and 5200 Sq km of the Beas basin for the Forest Department, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh have been completed.

Watershed Management Plan

NERIL has completed several CAT plans for Jari HEP, Nakthan HEP and Thana Plaun HEP in HP. We have recast old Catchment Area Treatment Plans for seven other Hydroelectric projects (HEPs) in Satluj Basin viz. HEP Rampur, NJPC, Shorang, Baspa-II, Karchham - Wangtoo, Tidong and Kashang. Two HEPs were also recast in Beas valley viz, Larji and Parvati.

CAT Plans

NERIL has over the years successfully presented many wildlife management plans to the central government for implementation in forest sanctuaries

Wildlife Management Plan

NERIL had undertaken a voluntary research for analysing the cause of the current status of the Mula, Mutha and Pawana Rivers of Pune from 2002 onwards. In 2008 NERIL was appointed as a consultant to Pune Municipal Corporation, for working on the master plan for Renewal and Management of Sewerage and Drainage Disposal System. We have prepared a River Navigation plan for Pune complete with the designs of the ferries needed for mass transportation of people with their vehicles.

NERIL has also worked with other Municipal Councils for similar restoration projects : Assessment, Bioremediation and Rejuvenation of Padmavati Lake in Junnar, Junnar Municipal Council

River Restoration Plans

We have developed a web based application for executing and monitoring such a huge plan, which is highly appreciated by the World Bank. This application is named as “Satluj Catchment Information System (SCIS)”, and the “Beas Catchment Information System (BCIS)

Resource Management Software

NERIL has surveyed, assessed and presented the case for CRZ clearance for laying of undersea cable between Nhava Sheeva and the Elephanta island, and obtained environmental clearance for this extremely prestigious project of the State Government of Maharashtra.

CRZ Clearance

NERIL has been instrumental in the biodiversity restoration of many lakes and waterbodies. Our work is frequently quoted by planners as being the gold standard for such restoration projects.

Restoration of Biodiversity